Questions regarding the architectural process? Please contact your Community Association Manager. Any completed document(s) can be sent to this email address: [email protected].

Do not repair your house without prior approval!

If you are getting ready to repaint your home, the CC&R’s do not allow any changes to the exterior without prior Association approval to ensure the color is an approved color scheme.

Color Options

There are 27 color schemes to choose from. Please click the link below to download the new colors.

View Color Schemes at Dunn Edwards

Once you have chosen your new color scheme, please fill out the corresponding house diagram below. They are mostly filled out for you to help you complete the application. Please follow the directions in the diagram when you choose your scheme and submit the house diagram along with an Improvement Application. Any incomplete applications will be sent back to you. If you have any questions, please contact Management.

House Paint Application with Color Scheme House Diagram

You can also review the colors in person at the Dunn Edwards Paint Store located at 1575 N. Placentia Ave., Placentia 92870; (657) 221-3009. Please make sure you refer to the current color link. An account has been established under your Association name, Sycamore Canyon Master, which will provide you with approximately 24% off the retail price for the Dunn Edwards products. Please know you must pick one set scheme and you cannot mix and match from different ones or they will be denied.